Commit c96ec563 authored by Marco Govoni's avatar Marco Govoni
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parent baa53815
......@@ -50,5 +50,36 @@ SUBROUTINE wstat_setup
CALL my_mkdir( wstat_dirname )
n_pdep_basis = n_pdep_eigen * n_pdep_times
CALL json_read2()
SUBROUTINE json_read2()
use json_module
use kinds, ONLY : DP
implicit none
type(json_file) :: json
type(json_value),pointer :: p, inp
logical :: found
integer :: i,j,k
REAL(DP) :: r
! initialize the class
call json%initialize()
! read the file
!call json%load_file(filename = './example2.json')
! add some data to inputs:
call json%add('inputs.r2', 45.d0 )
call json%add('outputs.r2', 45.d0 )
call json%print_file('./ex.json')
! clean up
call json%destroy()
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