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Change Log
v5.0.0 (2021/05/XX)
- Update the initialization for Forpy, such that in case of a module import error, the code has a better chance to print a clear error message.
- Fix an undefined variable in `Tools/set_npwq.f90`. Add `IMPLICIT NONE to all program units to let the compiler catch such errors in the future.
- Avoid overflow in `Wstat/wstat_memory_report.f90` in large-scale runs.
- Fix non-standard Fortran codes that do not work with NVIDIA/PGI Fortran compiler.
- Fix file mode for source files in Westpp. All files were executable before.
- Work around an input parsing issue encountered with pgfortran and nvfortran.
- Update build instructions for ALCF/Theta, NERSC/Cori, UChicago/RCC/Midway3, macOS
- Updated documentation
v4.2.1 (2020/10/19)
"name" : "WEST",
"version" : "4.2.1",
"version" : "pre-5.0.0",
"url" : "",
"license" : "GPLv3"
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