Commit af1e536d authored by Marco Govoni's avatar Marco Govoni
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removed wait

parent 33cd8dd1
......@@ -14,9 +14,9 @@ prepare_input:
-wget -N -q
- ${PARA_PREFIX} ${BINDIR}/pw.x -i >& pw.out; wait
- ${PARA_PREFIX} ${BINDIR}/wstat.x -nimage ${NIMAGE} -i >& wstat.out; wait
- ${PARA_PREFIX} ${BINDIR}/wfreq.x -nimage ${NIMAGE} -i >& wfreq.out; wait
- ${PARA_PREFIX} ${BINDIR}/pw.x -i |& tee pw.out
- ${PARA_PREFIX} ${BINDIR}/wstat.x -nimage ${NIMAGE} -i |& tee wstat.out
- ${PARA_PREFIX} ${BINDIR}/wfreq.x -nimage ${NIMAGE} -i |& tee wfreq.out
- /bin/rm -rf *out *in *upf *save >& /dev/null
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