Commit 7197d7b9 authored by Marco Govoni's avatar Marco Govoni
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Added F90

parent e40ef590
......@@ -2169,10 +2169,16 @@ function forpy_initialize_unicode() result(ierror)
type(c_ptr) :: a_unicode
type(PyObject), pointer :: ptr
character(kind=C_CHAR), dimension(1) :: a
character(kind=C_CHAR), dimension(7) :: b
b = ['s','t','r','i','c','t', C_NULL_CHAR]
character(kind=C_CHAR) :: a = "", b = "strict"
a_unicode = PyUnicode_DecodeUTF8(a, 0_PY_SSIZE_T_KIND, b // C_NULL_CHAR)
! fix for PGI compiler: pgi does not like if a and b are
! string literals in this function call
a_unicode = PyUnicode_DecodeUTF8(a, 0_PY_SSIZE_T_KIND, b)
if (.not. c_associated(a_unicode)) then
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